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Fast, Worldwide Delivery of Calibration Gas Mixtures, Reusable and Standard Cylinders, Regulators, and Accessories.

About Gasco

Gasco Gas

Gasco is the leading and only independent manufacturer of Precision Calibration Gas Mixtures. Gasco has the capability of providing a wide range of simple mixtures such as ultra high purity Nitrogen, as well as complex four gas mixtures and highly reactive gas mixtures.

We offer the most extensive variety of standard cylinder sizes as well as the highest quality regulators, carrying cases and accessories available. Gasco has 80 years of combined gas detection, analytical instrumentation and sample handling. Not only can we provide high quality calibration gas, we also provide the knowledge and expertise of how and why to use calibration gas.

No other calibration gas manufacturer has this vast knowledge of portable gas monitors, indoor air quality monitors, fixed gas detection systems, continuous emission monitoring systems, infrared gas detection, process gas chromatographs, ion mobility spectrometers, flame ionization detectors, photo ionization detectors and other monitoring and detection technologies. So when it comes to calibration gas for gas detection technologies, call the experts at Gasco.

Founded in 1999, Gasco is a leading producer of precision calibration gas. Our products are exclusively sold through safety and equipment distributors worldwide. Gasco’s superior industry knowledge – 50 years of combined gas detection, and more than 80 years of combined analytical instrumentation and sample handing – has resulted in innovative technologies and the ability to create custom gas mixtures. This is precisely what led us to develop an advanced process to extend the reactive gas shelf life in our aluminum cylinders, allowing Gasco to deliver some of the longest warranties in the industry without compromising quality.

The Gasco Team

Our products are used for health and safety, industry wide and worldwide. The following information will enable you to understand our products.


  • Gasco is always ready and flexible to meet customer needs.
  • Gasco has the best customer service in the industry to fulfill your requirements.
  • Gasco maintains inventories for next day or same day shipments.


  • Gasco has the facilities and expertise to blend gases to your exact specifications.
  • Expert employees have both the knowledge and the know-how to recommend the proper gas mixture and delivery technique for your calibration requirements.
  • Gasco consistently meets or exceeds customer requirements.
  • GASCO’S precision and quality is consistent with NIST standards.


  • Gasco provides exceptional products and services at a competitive price.
  • There are no minimum quantity orders.

Our Vision

  • To be an organization characterized by integrity, competence, cooperation and professionalism.

  • To be an organization that continually strives to earn our customers’ satisfaction and respect by providing exceptional products and services.

  • To be a quality conscious, proactive, flexible organization.

  • To become the industry benchmark through internal design and ingenuity, whether it be sales, marketing, production or engineering.

  • To achieve world renowned status for maintaining the highest standards in the gas detection and calibration gas industry.

The Gasco Difference

  1. Gasco sells through select distributors.

  2. Gasco provides high quality, precision gas mixtures.

  3. Gasco will drop ship directly at no extra charge.

  4. Gasco guarantees 3 day delivery on stocking gas mixtures.

  5. Gasco has no minimum order requirement.

  6. Gasco offers cylinder sizes and regulators that are unique.

  7. Gasco offers a long shelf life.

  8. Gasco has 80 years of combined gas detection, analytical instrumentation and sample handling.

  9. Gasco offers customized private labeling options.