Four Ways To Create A Safety Culture

on Monday August 27, 2018 Posted in Gasco News
Four Ways To Create A Safety Culture

A safety culture is defined as “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterizes an institution or organization in relation to safety”. To be effective, all employees must see safety as a priority and protect themselves and those around them. According to Safeopedia, “OSHA found that developing a safety culture has the greatest impact on reducing incidents of injury, illness, or death in the workplace.”

Here are four ways to create and maintain a safety culture in your workplace and ensure that employees go home safe at the end of the day.

  1. Education – Continued education is vitally important to a safety culture. From onboarding employees to re-educating veterans, the same messages and standards should be communicated, consistently across the board. Whether it be monthly training sessions or a safety newsletter, you must always continue the conversation about safety with your teams. Encourage team members to subscribe to industry publications that discuss safety or empower them to attend safety conferences throughout the year. With safety always top of mind, your culture will sustain itself with new practices and regulations.
  2. Jobsite Planning – Each job site is different, meaning they come equipped with their own set of dangers and threats to workers. Create a safety plan for each site or job, so that all possible challenges and obstacles are addressed before the crew is exposed to danger. Whether it be a confined space or scaffolding on the side of a building, outline the plan for each worker before they step foot on the site.
  3. Safety Team – Establish a safety committee for each job and site. Determine who is responsible for checking, double checking and triple checking to ensure the site is as safe as it can be. These team members should also be the go-to people on site that ensure all crew members have the proper equipment and protection. Comprise a safety team of employees from all departments to show that safety is the responsibility of everyone, everyday no matter your title or position. The safety team will be your main advocates for your culture, so encourage them to be vocal thought leaders!
  4. Resources – Your safety culture will fail the minute your workers don’t have the necessary equipment available to keep them safe. Don’t allow room for blame by always ensuring workers have the resources they need to not only complete the task but complete the task, safely. Strong safety cultures are supported by quality safety products like our Bump-It and ez-cal cylinders.
By establishing a safety culture, you ensure the safety conversation never ends, and crew members go home safe at the end of the day. Want to learn more about how our cylinders can help you establish an effective safety culture? Contact us today!