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Leads for Safety, Industrial Distributors 'On the Rise'

on Friday January 27, 2012 Posted in Gasco News

by Keleen McDevitt, Gasco

In keeping with the trend of jazzing up safety, Gasco is generating leads for distributors!

A new market trend is occurring at Gasco, and the company is pleased to announce getting in front of the end user is working! Gasco remains true to its distribution by not going direct. Gasco depends on its distribution to promote and sell the company’s quality products while providing them the support they need.

With that said, Gasco has changed up its marketing to reach end users. This, in turn, brings leads to the table. Gasco can truly make the match between distributor partner and end user.

As Gasco grows, its distributor partners have come to appreciate the value of its training. The company does teleconference training sessions and creates documentation to use in the field. Gasco also travels to distributor sites to partner on sales calls in the field as necessary. The exchanging of information is an important aspect of how Gasco plans its research and development.

“Our distributors are the sales people on the street who can assist us in always being proactive to develop what is needed next in the marketplace,” said Gasco President Tom Hanway.

“We developed the 44 and 66 gas cylinders to be extremely convenient, portable enough to be easy to use, but to have the capacity to last longer,” said Keleen McDevitt, marketing manager.

These brand new cylinders are the first of their kind in the market. They are available in both disposable and refillable formats. The ecosmart program has been designed with the success of the distributor in mind. Many distributors are on board promoting this green initiative platform.

McDevitt said these products will be especially useful for confined space entry as well as docking station users. “These are the types of customers who use gas daily, and who constantly have to replace their cylinders,” said McDevitt. “By giving them this extra capacity, we’re making things a lot easier on them.”

The team at Gasco possesses deep knowledge of portable gas monitors, indoor air quality monitors, fixed gas detection systems, continuous emission monitoring systems, and other monitoring and detection technologies.

“Not only can we provide high quality calibration gas,” said McDevitt, “but we can also provide the knowledge and expertise of how and why to use that gas.”

McDevitt said Gasco has more innovation in the works and expects the new products to have universal appeal — a key selling point for distributors looking to expand their offerings and hit new customer groups. Distributors are quickly learning Gasco can deliver a superior product with better delivery times than a typical gas detection equipment company that is actually the middleman.

“Calibration gas opportunities are everywhere, and in high demand across many industries,” said McDevitt. “Through our specialty niche, we’re able to meet those demands while also helping to ensure a safe, secure workplace.”