We offer teflon and nylon tubing for reative and non-reactive mixtures. Our carrying cases provide additional saftey when transporting your cylinders and accessories. Our latest cases are mountable or free standing and offer storage for tubing, cylinders, and regulators. They also include an easy to use handle and shoulder strap.



Gasco carrying case products #CC-17/34 is the perfect solution for easy transport of the 17 and 34 liter cylinders as well as the 44, 58 and 66 liter ecosmart cylinders with room to spare for accompanying accessories.

Available in two colors: All black or blue with black handle and closures

Both options pictured.

    • Lightweight design
    • Hardshell plastic casing
    • Holds two cylinders, one regulator and a monitor
    • Dimensions: 17”x14”x4.5”
    • Available in two colors: Black or Blue


Many Ways To Carry With Comfort

Carry over both shoulders in front or back pack style

    • Versatile shoulder strap can be used over one shoulder, across the chest or back pack style
    • No longer top heavy – stands vertically alone or mounts on wall
    • Velcro straps hold regulators in place - storage area for tubing
    • Convenient one handle design allows case to open easily while strapped on
    • Top third of case opens to allow you to perform calibrations while carrying the case
    • Ideal for carrying any two: 58, 103, 105 or 116 Liter Cylinders
    • Dimensions: 24"x9"x 5"


Three Cylinder Carrying Case, Soft Sided for 58, 103 & 105 Liter Cylinders

    • This soft sided carrying case can hold up to three 58, 103 or 105 Liter calibration gas cylinders and regulators.
    • Dimensions: 17.5"x5"x5"
Teflon Calibration Tubing

Teflon Calibration Tubing

Tubing for Reactive Mixtures is available for calibration.

Vinyl Calibration Tubing

Vinyl Calibration Tubing

Tubing for Non-Reactive Mixtures is available for calibration.

Regulator Gauges

Regulator Gauges

These replacement Regulator Gauges are available in 0-500 psi, 0-1500 psi, or 0-3000 psi with a 1/8" male NPT inlet.

Tedlar Bags

Tedlar Bags

A convenient, reliable and economical way of collecting airborne chemical hazards, especially where concentrations are above detection limits of analytical instruments.

    • Assessing exposure from spills and leaks
    • Calibration gas standards
    • Gas blending
    • Grab sampling
    • Groundwater testing
    • Hazardous waste site sampling
    • Leaking underground storage tanks
    • Indoor air sampling
    • Magnetic imaging
    • Sampling flues and vents
    • Soil gas sampling
    • Stack sampling